By UX Lady

Probably you already know what a persona is –if don’t check this -, and probably you, like me,build your first persona using some of the thousands personas layout you can find in the internet. But as has happened to me you’ve probably also discovered this is not easy work…

But you know, I love recipes, so here you have my own recipe to build user personas, step by step including 10 elements your persona should have.


I create this guideline with the purpose to make the process of create personas a simple fill in the blank work, so I think could be useful for you too. Let me know!

The guideline it is structured in 3 points:

  1. How to, with the step by step guide and the Interviews process.
  2. Layout, presenting the persona layout I use with 10 basic elements.
  3. Elements were I describe in details each one of the elements of the layout and the method used to obtain the information and measuring.

Each point follows a What? Why? and How? logic to make it even easier.