By  Ty Magnin

User onboarding is a once in a user’s lifecycle experience that—when done well—bridges a delicate journey between your sign up page and your user’s first value gained from your product.

We refer to this moment of value as a user’s Wow or Aha! moment—Aha like, “Wow this is awesome!” Or “Aha! Now I get it!

Onboarding experiences often include welcome messages and product tours to get users acclimated. These experiences incorporate common UI patterns that overlay or augment the app’s true interface with annotations. Click this or this for examples.

These annotations aim to guide a user to their Aha! moment faster than if they were simply dropped into your app after signing up. And by getting your new users to that Aha! moment faster, you are more likely to retain a larger portion of your new users past their first session.