Or, “What I learned after taking a week off and watching thousands of micro-interaction animations until my eyeballs fell out.”

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First of all, let’s get synced up. What is a micro-interaction anyway?

In doing my due diligence for this post, I came across this handy definition by Carrie Cousins, who seems like a cool person. She says –

“A micro-interaction is any single task-based engagement with a device.”

Well ok then. I don’t know about you but I found that invigorating. Enjoy with relish.

Before we get into the ‘5 mistakes,’ I want to mention that the following UI animations I am about to rip into are all from extremely talented designers. I have huge respect for them and their work. They are kind enough to offer their portfolios and ‘work in progress’ pieces publically for us to enjoy and learn from. I’ve known quite a few designers to be elitist assholes when critiquing work. That has never been my style. If I come across as mean, just know that I find design seriousness highly entertaining. I am not attacking anyone. I am amusing myself, and hopefully you, dear reader.

You strapped in? Let’s do this thing.