5 Million Members
130 countries
240 volunteer campaigns
1 global movement for good

Any cause, anytime, anywhere.

This is the essence of, a global not-for-profit org dedicated to social good. I worked with a small team of User Experience Designers for a volunteer-based news app which was distributed to five million people. I was involved in every step of the creative process, seeing how each task was used and helped solve problems and create solutions. I personally specialized in user interviews and app prototyping, as well as assistance in wireframing and UI design. In order to create a clickable prototype, the UX and UI were designed within Sketch to create pixel perfect mockups.

Learn more about the app, or download it here.


Flinto App Prototype

The designs were created and imported into Flinto along with animations to create a genuine app-like feel. View an early iteration of the prototype here.


User Interviews

Users of our core demographic were chosen and interviewed using the app prototype, assisted with just guiding questions and requests to "think out loud". Any pain points were detected and resulted in meaningful edits for new iterations of the app. Special attention was made to how they physically interacted with the app, where they tended to look and click first, and their first impressions with the purpose and feel of the app.