Find Your Tarot Card Fortune

As the sole UX designer, copywriter, and interaction designer of the Shut Eye project, it was my task to construct a fortune telling experience based on a loose idea the client had, to perform a Tarot Reading. Using this knowledge, I implemented first to market ideas utilizing user Spotify music data to make a completely personalized and almost eerily accurate fortune telling experience. 

Use the experience here:


See an example of desktop and mobile wires.

Step 1: Wireframing

With the knowledge that I had to deliver a compelling and immersive fortune telling experience, I implemented design trends that would really push this feeling forward. With cards scrolling and flipping throughout the screen, users information being analyzed  and re-interpreted, and with fortunes I wrote telling a user about their future, I think I successfully pushed this idea forward.

Step 2: Design

With fairly limited assets from the client, I worked closely with a team of digital designers to produce a minimal, dark, and mysterious theme throughout. I made sure that the user is constantly reminded that their Tarot Cards are being read so that the theme would be cohesive and immersive.

View each design page here

Step 3: Development

I had to perform extensive research to provide development with a cohesive set of animation code sources, best practices for responsiveness, and knowledge of the Spotify API in which we would be able to pull the users information. After multiple rounds of QA and a tight deadline, the client wound up being thrilled with the final execution.