Find Concerts In Your Area 

Slim Jim came to F Sharp with the goal of helping their target audience find concerts that are right for them. As the sole UX designer and copywriter, I wound up using Slim Jim's website as inspiration to create a tile based and highly interactive concert feed that finds upcoming concerts in your area based on your music taste.

Use the experience here:


See an example of desktop and mobile wires.

Step 1: Wireframes

Without much direction from the client on their wants and needs, I knew that I wanted a highly interactive experience after viewing Slim Jim's website. I echoed the tiling effect but improved it, allowing for more interactive, dynamic, and responsive concerts to really engage the user.  

Step 2: Design

Slim Jim's brand guidelines are LOUD. They really like bright colors, unique textures, and for lack of a better word, cluttered visuals. I conveyed this to our designers and was able to produce a design that closely matches how the Slim Jim brand feels.

View each design page here

Step 3: Development

Working with developers, the biggest challenge was getting the tiles to respond correctly on screen resize. After multiple rounds of QA, the tiles all wound up behaving exactly as I expected, with hover effects, zooms, music previews, and most importantly - concert tickets.