As the sole UX designer, copywriter, and interaction designer of this project, it was my task to construct a Meyers Briggs style personality quiz that is fit for both children and adults. It was designed to be entirely COPPA compliant, integrate both the personality of the GoGurt and Trolls brands, and be successful through a physical activation in the form of GoGurt boxes.

Take the quiz here:


See an example of a set of desktop and mobile wires.

Step 1: Wireframing

After research on what makes personality quizzes effective and understanding the aesthetic of the Trolls brand, I began wireframing the experience. After multiple client approval cycles, there were approximately 50 pages of wireframes. 

Step 2: Design

After final wireframes were approved, I worked closely with our team of digital designers to produce the final look and feel of the experience. Utilizing exclusive assets provided to us by the team at Trolls, we were able to come up with a minimal, clean, and bright design.


See an example of a set of designs here.

Step 3: Development

Design documents with detailed specifications were provided to development. Through close collaboration and with many rounds of iteration, QA, suggestions for improvement, and animation implementation, a final product was put together. 

Step 4: Results

This campaigns metrics were closely evaluated and they were found to have some of the most successful metrics in the history of our services. With a 70% completion rate and almost 50,000 impressions, the GoGurt x Trolls personality quiz is now one of our headlining showcase products.